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Getting what you pay for is tough these days, so we turn the tables in your favour. As an Avalanche Search Marketing client, you pay for what you get...

When we guarantee our service, we don't mean "or your money refunded". We mean you only pay half our monthly fees until we've met our service commitment.

  • We will agree on a list of search phrases that are relevant for your dental office's website -- relevant target phrases that will bring new patient prospects to your website, not just traffic.
  • Avalanche Search Marketing then starts working on getting your website highly ranked for these dental search terms, so that your site gets found by people who are potential patients.
  • We send you monthly progress reports so you can see the improvements in your site's ranking over time.
  • Only when your website is on the first page of either or for at least half of the agreed-upon target phrases do you start paying your full monthly fee; Otherwise, you only pay half the (already very reasonable) monthly fee.

It's that simple.

In detail ...

When we take on a new project, there is NO SETUP FEE. For most dental projects, the standard monthly fee is $450 per month, so you pay the first half-monthly fee ($225/month) after we complete some core modifications to your website to get it SEO ready.

Avalanche Search Marketing guarantees that your website will rank within the first page of organic results (i.e. not paid ads, also known as "Pay Per Click") in either or for at least 50% of the agreed-upon search terms. Once this level of first-page ranking is reached, the monthly billing will switch to the full monthly rate.

That's how Avalanche Search Marketing's "you pay for what you get" guarantee works.